Friday, April 17, 2009

Signin' up

Not too awful sure 'bout how to get signed up for the farm?!?!?!

Its real simple... Check out the last post on farm fees to help ya decide how ya wanna play. Once ya got that figured out, ya got 2 choices...

1. Get on down to Funkie Munkie Scraps in Greenville, SC and tell em ya wanna be a farmer...

2. Shoot off an email to hollarin' ya wanna be a farmer...

Either way, your gonna get a short lil questionaire to fill out. We just ask for your basic info and a couple questions, so we can get ya on file. If you're in the Funkie Munkie, just hand it on back with payment and let us know if'n ya gonna swing in for the kick-off. If ya gotta send off an email, within 3 days we'll be sendin' ya back an email with the questions and different ways ya can get paid up.

On May 2, 2009, those who already got signed up, will be gettin an email with farm happenins for ya for the month of May!

And dont forget the goodie bag you'll be gettin in May!

Til tomorrow ~ Check the blogs on the roll, stop by the websites and ROCK the FARM!
Farmgirl Kel-z