Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Funkie Munkie Presale/reorder

WOOHOO!! New stamps coming soon!!!

The Munkie is doing a pre-order on the new stamps being released on May 1st, beginning today, and will be re-ordering the stamps that just got released that have already sold out!! An email was sent out to those whose address we have, but if you didnt get it, just shoot off an email to TGFFarmerz@gmail.com and we will get it sent on to you so you can check them out. She will be submitting the order on Saturday so be sure to get in on it now so you can be sure to get yours as soon as they come in!! The last ones sold out before we even got them put on the racks! THEY ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(SHHH*be sure to check back later today... You never know what will be posted!!SHHH)


Sondra said...

I love this blog page design! Great work!