Thursday, April 16, 2009

Farm fees

Wantin' to know more 'bout becomin' a Farmer?!?!?!

Farm Fees - We've got 3 options for ya..

1 year subscription $60 ($5 a month) *has to be paid in full
6 month subscription $45 ($7.50 a month) *has to be paid in full
Pay as ya play $10 a month

No matter which option ya choose, ya get a goodie bag on your first sign-up!

The farm fees will also get ya discounts, a monthly project recipe or technique lesson, the option to attend the monthly "round-up" at no charge, chances to enter contests and challenges for prizes and some other goodies... (keep watchin' the blog for more details on those things)

All ya gotta do is get on down to Funkie Munkie Scraps or shoot off an email to!! Sign-ups have started and kick-off is on National Scrapbook Day, May 2, 2009!!

And don't forget ~ even if ya dont live in our parts, ya still get the goods!!

Remember ~ Check out the blogs on the roll, wander back this way tomorrow, stop by the websites and ROCK the FARM!!
Farmgirl Kel-z