Monday, April 20, 2009

Discount details...

So how exactly are the discounts gonna work?!?!?!

At the beginning of every month in farm news email will be a discount on The Greeting Farm products purchased at Funkie Munkie Scraps. What the discount is each month will change. One month it will be 20% off entire purchase, some months may have a higher discount, another month buy one get one of equal or lesser value half off (yes you can buy 10 stamps that way with 5 half off), there may be a pick your own month, etc... You will find out when you get the email! This discount can only be used once that month on any purchase you decide.

Throughout the month, there will be tons of chances to win additional discounts... additional 10% off, 20% off entire purchase, buy one get one half off, pick your own, 40% off one stamps, etc. You can win with the challenge/contest of the month. You can submit a project instruction sheet or technique how-to to win. You can win games played. There will be a lot of other ways for you to win additional monthly discounts, both in the store and online!

Discounts can not be combined with each other or with any other discount or coupon, unless otherwise specified (i.e additional 10% off).

Any questions.... send me an email at

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