Monday, May 18, 2009

Prices, challenge info & the Round-up!

Howdy farmerz!! Hope you all had a great weekend! Just wanted to stop in and let you all know of a few upcomings things and an unfortunate change...

Lets just get the bad news out of the way... Wholesale prices have gone up, so unfortunately, our price has to go up too... The single stamps are gonna be $8.00 from now on. At this point, the only set that has gona up in price is Neverland (now $16.00), but I think the others will be increasing as well. We will be sure to let you know as soon as we do. BUT... Isn't it great to be a Farmer!! Remember, you get discounts and free shipping as a club member, which still makes Funkie Munkie Scraps the cheapest place for our favorite little stamps!! If you aren't a farmer, you can still sign-up! Just send off an email to and we will get you instructions of how to do it!

The Round-up is gonna be this coming Thursday, May 21st 6:30 - 7:30. You will get your instruction sheet for a project (or technique.. I am torn between 2). This months round-up is only going to be an hour, as I have been struggling with some health issues. But I want to take this time to talk to those able to attend and find out from you what you are wanting. Everything from discounts, challenges, projects, techniques, etc... I really want this to be your group that you are really happy with! But next month, our round-up will be longer so we can all play!! And dont forget.... all The Greeting Farm stamps are 20% off that day! Even if you can't come, you can email in your order! If you aren't able to attend, you will get the project/technique emailed to you and any information you may have missed!

Last but not least... This months challenge.. As I said in the Farm News, take your goodie bag and make something. I have had a bunch of questions as to what I meant. You can use everything in your goodie bag, or you can use one thing, even just the goodie bag itself. I wanted it to be really open and really basic. It gives all of us a chance to see what each persons style is. It also gives me some direction. So please please please get me something. Just take a picture and email it to me by Sun May 25th!! And remember, I wont tell you what the judging is going to be based on, but I will tell you it wont be on coloring or "whos looks the best"... so get creative!!

Have a farmtabulous day!!
Farmgirl Kel-z


Joan said...

I am so sad, but I don't think I'll be able to play in the challenge this month as I will be flying out of town the 21st and will be gone for a week. And I'm soooo busy until then! But I'll sure be playing next month! (and maybe I'll find some time to put something together before I leave... who needs sleep???LOL!)

Tink said...

I still dont have mine yet!! I hope it gets here soon, I wanna play!!!