Saturday, May 2, 2009

Online purchases

Hey ya'll... The Funkie Munkie Scraps online store isnt being too cooperative... SOOOO... For those of you who are club members and want to get your 30% off today... Just go to the store to see what we carry.. Make your list.. and then email us at before midnight EST! If we have any of your stamps in stock, we will ship those off to you right away. If they arent in stock, we will be ordering next week and it takes about a month to get them in...
If you want to know if a certain set is in stock currently, just call the store.. We will be here until 9pm EST tonight!
Dont forget your featured sets!!! ($8.50 for club members today only!!!)
Back to the grind!!!
Farmgirl Kel-z


Susan said...

Great news. Hate that I missed the fun on Saturday. I didn't receive an email, can you check to see that you have my info as a club member? Thanks so much!!
moore5947 at bellsouth dot net

mawmawjoan said...

I'm alittle confused.....what is the featured stamp for club members that is it a new stamp......what if I already have it??? thanks for your help. Love these stamps!!