Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"Featured sets" in depth

I have had a few questions about how the featured sets work... Each month we will be picking 3 stamps (either sets or singles or a combo) that we will call the "featured sets of the month". In the email that will be sent out, you will be told what sets those are... for one day during the month, and one day only, they will be available at $8.50 for sets and $4 for singles. For the rest of the month, you will be able to purchase them at $10 for sets and $5 for singles... As with everything else, if its in stock when you order it, it will be sent right out... If it is not in stock, we will be ordering more and will ship it as soon as we get it.
For this month, we didnt send out an email because we knew there were going to be many people who waited til May 2nd to sign up for the club. That is why I posted the info about the featured sets there. For the rest of the month, those sets are available for $10! I will be sending out the email tomorrow which will include the listing of what the 3 sets are again in case you missed it in a few posts down...
As always, these discounts are only available to club members. We will not be telling you exactly what day the sets will be at the $8.50 in the email. We will give hints in posts as to when it will be and on the date we select, we will blog post early that morning that this is the day. So when you get the email telling you what the featured ones are gonna be for the month and you really want one (or all) then be sure to follow the blog!!!
I hope this helps clear up any questions, but as always, send me an email at TGFFarmerz@gmail.com if it doesnt!

Have a farmtabulous day!!!!!
Farmgirl Kel-z